About Me

I'm not a musician I'm just someone who gets into stuff until it becomes an obsession or at least an "extreme project", as my wife often says. My degree tells me I'm a scientist and to be honest I do often look at music in terms of maths and physics. This is perhaps what drives my need to analyse music far beyond my capabilities of actually being able to play it :)

Music is however part of my DNA. My Father (Raffaele Scola) is a musician by trade. His father (Gaspare Scola) was a famous folk musician back home in Calabria, Southern Italy. You can still buy his music, online, today.

I started playing the Ukulele on the 5th September 2010 when I was on holiday in Hawaii. I bought a Kala KA-TG Tenor Ukulele. After playing for a couple of months I bought a Kala Solid Acacia Concert ukulele and I'm quite pleased with it. It is a beautiful instrument for the money. If I had the money, I'd buy a top of the range Kanile'a or a Kamaka with an open slotted head - Who doesn't want to be Jake Shimabukuru?

I have 2 different teachers:

Colin Tribe is via Skype. Colin is proper hardcore musician and plays Mandolin, Guitar, Piano as well as the Ukulele. If you want to pass any ukulele music grades, well, Colin wrote the syllabus. What I get from Colin is good finger-style playing and some theory.

Lorraine Bow holds group courses in a room in a pub. Lorraine is a ukulele social power house who brings hundreds of ukulele nutcases together - She started Ukulele Wednesdays. What I get from Lorraine is the importance of the sing-along social side of uke playing coupled with making good smooth chord progressions. In the beginners course we learnt how to strum along to something like 20 songs. This really helped with getting chord changes working quickly and smoothly by using the right techniques and tricks of the trade.

I recommend both of them.