My Videos

Here's some stuff I put on Youtube. I'm still really a beginner but making progress. The newest ones are at the top of the page. So if you start at the bottom you can see my progress since around September 2010. A few of the songs are my arrangements and the tabs might be on "My Ukulele Arrangements" page if you're lucky.

I wanted to fit a pickup to my Kala Acacia, So here it how I did it:

Al put a nice arrangement of "Crazy" by Patsy Cline up on Uke Hunt. I have enjoyed working on this song as it is nice and simple, melodic but does take a bit of time to get right (which I haven't quite achieved yet). Check it out on Uke Hunt here.

I got a request on Youtube to create a tutorial for "Wake Me Up When September Ends". Here it is:

This video is about playing harmonics on the fretboard and using harmonics to test the intonation of the Ukulele.

Quick video of John Lennon's Imagine. As part of an exercise in class, I wanted to song to play with different versions of E7 and G7 and this is my resultant arrangement. Check out the course from Learn to Uke:

Here's the Bob Dylan song that Adele released recently, To Make You Feel My Love. I thought my arrangement turned out OK here. I wrote it in G for ease ;)

I made some changes, as you do. So here's my lastest version of Tears in Heaven.

Here's my first arrangement of Tears in Heaven. The tabs are available on My Ukulele Arrangements page.

Here's my Christmas homework learning Silent Night. This is Colin Tribe's arrangement:

Here's Wake Me Up When September Ends by Greenday. I adapted this from Colin Tribe's arrangement:

Here's my first ukulele video which is an attempt at Cavatina - Not quite there but not bad after only 2 months of playing:

Here's the excellent Christmas Party for Lorraine's students. You can see me wearing my Spurs santa hat: