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14th June
Not much going on here in the blog due to band work. Come to our KaraUke night:
The Horseshoe Inn
26 Melior Street
30th June · 19:30pm - 23:30pm!/event.php?eid=156918564371414

21st February
More of a note to Self:
The Ukulele Festival of Great Britain is 17th, 18th & 19th June.
Uke Buddies potentially coming:
Lois, Lorraine, Colin Tribe, Nev

14th January 2011
Just did the BBC Lab Music Test. Official verification that I'm rubbish with music :D
Try it here:

7th January 2011
Uke Hunt has just published my first arrangement and got a nice comment from Al which is cool. You can hear the midi file and see the PDF here.
I've also got the tab publish on Ukulele Tabs which you can see here.

7th January 2011
My work mate Kylie and her bloke Nick bought sister Claire and brother-in-law Anthony Ukuleles for Christmas. "Clanthony" live on the other side of the planet and so as a thank you, made this awesome video. Shows you what you can do as a beginner with just C and G7. I'm sure even their childhood guitar teacher, Trevor, would love it. To find out why this works with only these two chords, please read my two theory pages from the links on the left.