Android Uke Apps

These are some of the apps I have used. I imagine that they are probably available on the iPhone too but I'm an Android user. I have a Samsung Galaxy S and it is pretty similar to an iPhone except that it uses the Android operating system from Google.

Cohortor gStrings Tuner

This is a great free chromatic tuner from Cohorter. There really is no need buy a clip on tuner if you have this on your phone. Although a clip on tuner can more reliable in a noisey environment because it relies on direct vibrations from the contact it makes with the instrument. However this is a must-have app for uke playing Android users. The display is huge and you can tune in very accurately.


I quite like this app. It is a an easy way to find a variety of chords including augmented and 6ths. It often shows a few variants of each chord too. As you can see it displays it clearly and without irritating ads popping up. So overall a good handy Android app.

Uke pal Free

This does have "support me" pop ups and ads. I think it needs to decide if wants to earn advert revenue or donations - Not both.
The app is a little clunky to use because you have four multi-function buttons that need repeated pressing to find the chord shape you're looking for. It is just essentially a chord chart with a GCEA note player so that you can listen and tune to it. So it doesn't include a proper tuner than measures your uke's sound. What I like about it is that it has Sus2 and Sus4 chord shapes. However if you have Basichords below, you don't need this app.


This is a very good chord finder app from Tekartik. It supports a range of instruments including guitar, cavaquinho, mandolin, bouzouki & ukulele. So if you play at least 2 of these, this app is a must-have. If you upgrade to Tekachords, you remove the ads.
It really has a massive collection of chord types and displays a wide range of alternative shapes. Once you find what you want you can get the app to play the chord as an arpeggio or strum. Every chord type has its own button and there is a great selection of chord types.
The detail in this app is great. The chord diagrams show the finger numbers. Just under the chord diagram, you can see the notes written as scale degree numbers (see my chord theory) or if you tap on it, you see the note names.
For me this is the best ukulele chord finder application that I have found so far.

Ukulele Fretboard

This is a great application that makes the best use of being an application rather than something that can be simply represented as a chart on paper. This allows you to create your own versions of chords. You tell it what chord you want and it will show all the corresponding notes on the fretboard so that you can chose which versions to use. So if you want to invert your chords (E.g. so that you can play the middle or first note an octave higher), you can. If you arrange your own pieces of music, then this is a great app to have. My teacher Colin would love it!